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Modular Band

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Sherwood Middle School and High School Bands

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with gratitude to Mike Dyer for his many years of dedicated service to the students of Sherwood Middle School

thank-you notes


thank-you notes for Concert Band (2022) recognizes and appreciates Mike Dyer for his many years of service to the Sherwood, Oregon band program. He conducted the premiere performance – an ensemble of current and past students at Sherwood Middle School – on June 14, 2022. The piece evolves from a simple homophonic texture into a cacophonous celebration of the melodic materials. Designed as a modular work, it can serve many different ensembles. I am utterly grateful to Mike for his amazing support of my daughter and her peers through the uncertainty of online band class during the COVID-19 pandemic! Mike's leadership, kindness, and warmth are inimitable among the educators of our young musicians.

-- Notes by Andrea Reinkemeyer  
These notes may be used with proper attribution.


thank-you notes for concert band is a re-composition of A Little Prayer for piano.

Performance Note:

This piece is modular in conception. It can be performed up to the fermata in measure 27 as a complete piece (the opening measures 1-27 map onto pickup to 75-end with one difference, a fermata must be added on beat 3 of m. 8 to align with m. 82).

The opening section is Grade 1/2 to accommodate combined ensembles at events like district festivals, and can be supplemented by advanced players in your ensemble or more advanced performers as needed. Doublings are available to easily omit parts as needed and it is acceptable to simplify parts. For the premiere performance, the middle school students played the opening and closing sections (rejoining the texture at the pickup to measure 75 with the same part as the beginning).


3114( 211 / 2221(1)1 | timp, 7 perc, optional piano