Viola and Fixed Media

premiered by

Andrea Reinkemeyer, viola at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)

commissioned by

Tayva Turner in memoriam of her grandfather, D. C. “Doc” Renno



Elegy (2001) for Viola and 2-Channel Fixed Media was commissioned by Tayva Singer in memoriam of her grandfather, luthier D. C. “Doc” Renno. Following his death, Tayva asked me to write a piece that contemplated the many stages and forms of grief. While writing this piece I was forced to reflect, address, and meditate upon my own experiences with loss; each movement i s dedicated to the memory of a loved one. The Introduction explores sparse and lonely textures. Elegy addresses confusion and deep sorrow experienced as a child. 

This piece was realized in the composer’s home studio and at the University of Michigan Electronic Music Studio using both ProTools and Sound Designer II software. The following musicians contributed their skills to the electronic accompaniment: Christopher Blaha, tuba; Carrie Magin, percussion; Andrea Reinkemeyer, piano, violin, voice and viola.

– Notes by Andrea Reinkemeyer