Andrea's Band Music is now distributed by Murphy Press and ADJective New Music Collective

The music of American composer Andrea Reinkemeyer, DMA (b. 1976, she/her) “offers a luminous glimpse of the next world” (Fanfare Magazine); it “explores a reverent sound world that hovers just above the brink of silence” (Second Inversion), using “spare, melancholy passages to traverse a complex emotional landscape” (Eugene Weekly) “from reverence and supplication to mournfulness and despair” (textura), and praised as, “clever, funky, jazzy and virtuosic” (Schenectady Daily Gazette), “magical” (Fanfare), “enchanting” (International Choral Bulletin), and “hauntingly melodic and fun, dancing and almost running its way forward… whimsical” (Fanfare). Her musical explorations focus on intersectional feminist narratives, natural phenomena, home, and grief.

Reinkemeyer has enjoyed commissions from: Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra and League of American Orchestras with support from the Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation, Albany (NY) Symphony Orchestra, Rhymes with Opera, H. Robert Reynolds and Detroit Chamber Winds and Strings, Rodney Dorsey, Fear No Music, and Rhymes with Opera. Her music is distributed by Murphy Press and the ADJ•ective Composers’ Collective and featured on recordings by: Idit Shner, In Mulieribus, Primary Colors Trio, A/B Duo, and Post-Haste Reed Duo. Dr. Reinkemeyer is Associate Professor of Music Composition and Theory at Linfield University where she coordinates the Composers Studio and Lacroute Composer Readings.

Murphy Music Press is exited to announce the addition of the following works by Reinkemeyer for wind ensemble to the catalog:


Smoulder for Wind Ensemble (2019) was commissioned by a thirteen-school consortium of conductors and ensembles led by Brant Stai and Sherwood High School.

"Due to the changing climate, devastating forest fires are increasingly common. Though the surface fire is doused, they can smoulder underground for up to a year and, given the right conditions, they can reignite. Climate change is one of the top issues among America’s youth and there is a growing discontent with inaction on this front. With this in mind, the piece unfolds through a brooding arch form. I wrote this piece to honor the young performers who will deal with these complex issues for the rest of their lives."

-Andrea Reinkemeyer

Smoulder was awarded the 2021 Alex Shapiro Prize in the 40th annual Search for New Music by the International Alliance of Women in Music and recognized as a finalist for the 2020 National Band Association William D. Revelli Composition Contest a

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Dos Danzas

"Dos Danzas for Concert Band (2010) was commissioned by, and is dedicated to, Miller Asbill and The Texas Tech University Concert Band who premiered the work on April 5, 2010 at Hemmle Recital Hall, Lubbock, Texas. As if emerging from a fog, the first movement, Tangential Tango, is a sultry bitonal dance utilizing long melodic lines against a pulsing tango rhythm. The two keys are attracted to one another, yet gently push apart like magnets of the same polarity. The second movement, Gallo Fino, translates from Spanish as “fine rooster;” in the colloquial, however, it also refers to an overly confident, finely dressed man. The uneven time signature supports the imagery of a strutting rooster preened to impress. Many thanks to Miller Asbill, the music students at Texas Tech University, and Brian Amer for their artistic support."
-Andrea Reinkemeyer

In 2021, Dos Danzas was selected as one of the winning compositions of Louisiana State University's first annual Inclusive Repertoire Initiative, and will be performed by the LSU bands in the Spring 2022 semester.

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