Water Sings Fire

Cabrillo Music Festival Interview, 2020
Water Sings Fire

Episode: April 28, 2019 (58:36) describes in the speaking silence as, “one of the most genius instrument combinations ever” and “a wonderfully tranquil meditative piece that communicates the deepest pain of loss”

“In the Speaking Silence… explores a reverent sound world that hovers just above the brink of silence.”

Not seeing anything above? Reauthenticate

A discussion about collaborating with composers begins at 24:30 and The Thaw around 25:30

Flute New Music Consortium Composition Competition
Wrought Iron , winner, Flute Plus One Category (2019)

Linfield University

The Magazine of Linfield College. Faculty Spotlight November 20, 2018 >>

Faculty Lecture: Gesture, Imagery, Noise