February 15, 2019

In the Speaking Silence

Post-Haste Reed Duo’s "Donut Robot!" is an important addition to the saxophone – bassoon duet literature.

Post-Haste Reed Duo’s "Donut Robot!" is an important addition to the saxophone – bassoon duet literature. The six new pieces explore the many possibilities of the unique instrumental pairing while delving into a completely new sound world. With pieces by Edward Hines, Drew Baker, Andrea L. Reinkemeyer, Takuma Itoh, Michael Johanson, and Ruby Fulton, Donut Robot! showcases virtuosic playing, subtle musical shading, and masterful interpretation.

In the Speaking Silence – Andrea L. Reinkemeyer
With a title inspired by a line from a poem by Christina Rossetti, the reverent in the speaking silence explores the peaceful world of quietness and is dedicated to the memory of the composer’s mother.

Track List

1. Donut Robot! 09:43
2. First Light 08:19
3. Soundscapes 1. The Hills of Basilicata 05:23
4. Soundscapes 2. Snowscape 06:30
5. Soundscapes 3. Moto Perpetuo 03:43
6. Hommage: Saygun et Bartok en Turquie 1936 (Chanson de Hatice Deklioğlu) 07:56
7. In the Speaking Silence 08:50
8. Snapshots 1. Grotesque 01:27
9. Snapshots 2. Chain 04:35
10. Snapshots 3. Haunted 01:39
11. Snapshots 4. Early Bird Special 01:16


released February 15, 2019

Post-Haste Reed Duo
Sean Fredenburg, saxophones
Javier Rodriguez, bassoon

Producer: Meerenai Shim
Engineer: Alberto Hernandez
Mastering Engineers: George Horn and Katia Dotto

Illustration: Adam T. Davis
Annotations: Craig Doolin

Senior Executive Producer: Shawn Copeland

Executive Producers:
T. Jason Brown & Robert Delehanty
Brian Fulton
Madelyn & Henry Quiros
Maggie & Jose Rodriguez
Steve Thomas

Recorded July 10-13, 2018 at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California.

This album was funded in part with a University of Idaho College of Letters, Arts, & Social Sciences (CLASS) Summer Research Grant

. . . explores a reverent sound world that hovers
just above the brink of silence.”
- Maggie Molloy, Second Inversion
“ . . . a gamut of emotions is expressed
during its eight minutes, from reverence
and supplication to mournfulness despair.”
- textura
“movingly austere...”
- dbarbiero, Avant Music News
. . . there is an inevitable touching aspect
to this piece of sonic mourning. . .
There is a remarkable multiphonic on saxophone here–
remarkable both for its veracity ... and perfect control.”
- Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine